How to get moving when you really don’t feel like it – #3

This is the third in a series of posts discussing how to go ahead with your exercise plans even when you feel like bailing.

My last post was about shrinking the task, or making a small commitment to take the first step, which more often than not gets the ball rolling.

The third solution requires a bit of in-the-moment flexibility, but luckily this one is short and sweet!

Make a plan B.

Another way of increasing the likelihood that you’ll get your workout done is to adapt your session at the last minute to make it either less daunting or more enjoyable. This will take the pressure off. For example:

  • Pick a less intense workout
  • Shorten the duration
  • Pick a more appealing location
  • Swap to a more appealing form altogether, such as an exercise class

Even better, have a plan B when you plan your workout in the first place, then you’ll immediately have something to fall back on.

NB: this isn’t necessarily about making excuses or copping out – it’s better to do something than nothing, particularly when you are very tired or stressed out, when taking it easy is probably the right thing to do.

However, if you notice you’re making a bit of a habit of taking the easy option, plan your original workouts more specifically and perhaps at a time when you’re less likely to be affected by lack of motivation.

Or alternatively, consider changing up your exercise routine. If you find yourself dreading every workout, and having to fight to motivate yourself, it may be that you need to find something more enjoyable.


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