I am a sport and exercise psychologist, offering psychological support services to individuals and teams wishing to improve performance or well-being across various domains including sport, exercise, business, and general well-being.

My training

I completed my psychology degree at the University of Warwick, and my MSc in sport and exercise psychology at Brunel University. I then completed the British Psychological Society’s Stage 2 qualification as a sport and exercise psychologist. I also work as a lecturer in psychology at the University of Buckingham, alongside my private consultancy.

My background

My passion for performance psychology emerged from my own sporting and fitness journey. I have been both a complete fitness beginner and an aspiring elite runner, experiencing the highs and lows of each. Now I spend my time weightlifting, running, sprinting, and learning new skills such as Muay Thai. I train to challenge myself, and for the sake of movement itself. Whether it be sport, a strength or fitness pursuit, or some other activity, I see my role as facilitating others in finding their own personal fulfillment and growth in whatever they are doing.

What I Do

I have worked with athletes in many sports including golf, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, triathlon, swimming, rowing, tennis, athletics, lacrosse, equine eventing, netball, football and table tennis. I support athletes at every level from touring professional golfers and athletes representing Great Britain, to keen amateurs looking to maximise their potential and enjoyment. Performance psychology is something that every individual can benefit from, regardless of age or experience. I also work with people performing in business and the arts, and individuals looking to create healthy lifestyle patterns, cultivate life-long exercise motivation, and manage the psychological difficulties that accompany such pursuits.