“Chloe walked around the course while I played, occasionally asking questions and noting her observations. We would discuss the game afterwards at the 19th. We did this over three rounds of golf. I found the process low key and quite unobtrusive but the result was remarkable. I now have a much more positive approach to my golf. Interestingly, I already had the self-awareness required to make the improvements myself. I also had a lot of “psycho junk” which prevented me from recognising this. What Chloe offered was the knowledge and skill set to help me filter the good from the junk and to recognise the key beneficial aspects of my game. Using her expertise, she was able to explain the psychology behind the changes I elected to make and helped me to recognise the purpose and value of each.

The most significant outcome of our work together was the adoption of a consistent pre-shot routine made up of several elements some of which were new. Understanding the purpose of each of these gives me the motivation to engage the routine consistently. I find I now concentrate keenly at the right times producing more consistent results. This focus also tells me if a poor shot is the result of poor concentration or technical error. Realising this informs me of what is needed and I can move onto the next shot without reliving the error. Technically I am no better than before but I am a lot smarter. Golf is even more fun and since we started working together I am playing to a handicap that is two shots lower than my official club handicap.

Should you have the opportunity of working with Chloe, take it. Aside from being pleasant company on the course, she truly knows her trade and is worth every penny.”

– D. S.

“Chloe is simply amazing. She is always enthusiastic and imaginative. She can always find another way of doing everything and you will never get bored. Chloe does not do dull. She is patient, kind and empowering. The prep she puts in is really efficient. She turns up on time and is one of the most inspirational people I spend time with. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

I have been hampered with a broken shoulder for two years getting quite immobile apart from walking and a bit of pilates as I had completely lost confidence in physical challenges. Chloe has arrived in my life and changed my attitude to exercise completely. She gently discusses diet and attitude to body image which helps to focus the mind as well. Her body knowledge is amazing. My strength of body and mind has improved so much since I started working with her. Thank you Chloe.”

– L. W.

“Chloe has been taking my thirteen year old son for training sessions for around six months now.

The primary goal to improve his overall fitness and to also assist him with some other things to help him in his Rugby (for example; faster change of direction and getting up and down more quickly). This is part of the beauty of using Chloe, she is able to adapt her training methods to specific personal requirements.

During the past months we have noticed a dramatic improvement in his fitness, speed and stamina during his rugby. A side benefit of this has been weight loss and toning. He is hardly recognisable from where he started.

Moreover, Chloe has given my son confidence and his attitude towards fitness and his training is something he’s never had before. Chloe understands the psychology behind all of this, it’s not just about the physical work that’s put in. He truly enjoys the sessions and actually looks forward to them, a lot of this is down to Chloe and the way she trains along with her constant encouragement.

We have found Chloe to be professional, a great communicator and a really nice person!

Thank you very much for all you have done for my son, it continues to have a massive impact on his fitness and his attitude towards his fitness.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Chloe’s personal training!!”

– M. C.