Personal training services

Using a combination of academic research, evidence-based techniques and personal experience, I provide tailored exercise programmes, nutritional guidance and behaviour change strategies. Regardless of your experience, I can help with:

  • fat loss
  • gaining muscle mass
  • strength training
  • exercise for general health
  • running programmes
  • sport-specific conditioning.

In addition, I can also help you to:

  • find time to exercise regularly in a busy schedule
  • kick-start your motivation
  • bust through plateaus
  • change unhealthy eating habits for good.

My approach is designed to promote sustainable lifestyle changes and enjoyment; research shows fad diets, quick fixes and extreme regimes to be ineffective long-term. Through my academic and personal experiences , I have developed a framework for making exercise and healthy eating not only easy to implement, but also long-lasting and enjoyable.

I take a holistic approach to personal training, and that means considering not only the element of movement, but also nutrition and psychological factors. To reap the full range of benefits from exercise, it is necessary to nourish our bodies in a way that optimises our performance whilst also being enjoyable. In turn, being empowered to channel our focus and approach exercise with a constructive mindset is what allows it to become habitual and sustainable. Read on for full explanations and prices.


Each and every one of us is different. We may share interests or preferences, but fundamentally we are all motivated by different things and respond in different ways. We also vary in our fitness levels, strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, everything I do is tailored to the individual client. The most effective strategy to honour your uniqueness is for me to find the form of movement that is most enjoyable and suitable for you, and create a bespoke programme that targets your personal goals. This applies to those of you who are already regular exercisers, and those who are completely new to it. 

I believe that exercise should be integrated into your lifestyle, and formed into a series of habits that serve to improve overall well-being. I design programmes in a way that makes them easy to stick to while optimally challenging, using both my academic knowledge and personal experience of behaviour change and psychological performance strategies.

What is involved?

Whether your goals revolve around weight loss, health, sporting IMG_3678performance or gaining muscle mass, I can help. I have experience in all areas, through personal training and my own activities. In addition, my experiences as a competitive runner have equipped me with a lot of specialised knowledge about both cardiovascular and strength training, which I can use to create running-specific or strength training programmes.

I will initially collect information from you about your current lifestyle and habits. Following that, we can discuss what it is that you would like to achieve through personal training, and develop a comprehensive set of goals that are based on your personal values. This information will be used to create a bespoke programme, based on whichever option you have chosen.


I believe that it is important for nutritional advice to be firmly rooted in science, instead of idealistic fads. Research demonstrates that many different diets can be effective, and that the optimal style of eating depends on both IMG_1235individual variation and the activities that you do. For this reason, I provide nutritional guidance that is not only based on the most recent research, but also determined by your goals and lifestyle. I do not paint certain food groups as good or bad, nor do I prescribe restrictive diets that are difficult to stick to and sap the enjoyment out of life. Rather, I identify your nutritional needs based on your lifestyle, and advise on how you can meet these in a way that is both sustainable and enjoyable for you personally. Using my research skills I continually work to expand my knowledge of nutrition; therefore you can be assured that I will only provide you with information that is based on fact, not intuition.

What is involved?

Initially we will discuss your current dietary habits, and then identify what your strengths are and what could be improved. I can provide meal/snack suggestions in addition to a process for making your desired changes, which will help you to move towards your goals. However, please bear in mind that I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, therefore I cannot create extensive daily meal plans or treat medical conditions with my advice.

In addition, I can offer psychological strategies to address any common barriers or issues that you may come across. But please note: if you are expecting a quick fix with drastic results over a short period of time, this is not what I do. I use evidence-based methods that I have developed to empower you to create sustainable change, which takes time!


A big piece to the puzzle of moving and eating right is mind-set. We IMG_3751may set out with the best intentions and the most meticulously designed exercise programmes, but still fall short of our goals. Why does this happen? Sometimes it is down to lifestyle factors such as lack of time, sleep or illness. But equally there are many important psychological factors that come into play, including stress, motivation, self-perceptions and goal-setting. These are often ignored in the fitness industry, yet I feel they are absolutely vital. My aim is to design my programmes with the consideration of all of these factors, and use strategies to help overcome the related barriers. I am now working as a trainee sport and exercise psychologist, which enables me to offer extensive behaviour change and psychological strategies.

Please be assured that your privacy is of utmost importance; all information that I collect from you will be kept entirely confidential.


Individual personal training session: £40
Following a brief consultation to determine what you are looking to achieve, I will design an hour’s exercise session based on your goals and preferences.

Block of 6 individual personal training sessions
If you buy a block of sessions, I will include nutritional advice and a 6-week programme free of charge, to complement what we are doing in the sessions. I will take you through a goal-setting protocol and build your sessions and programme around this.

Partner personal training session: £50 (£25 each)
Similar to the individual personal training session, I will consult with you to determine what you would both like to get out of your exercise session, and design an hour’s activity to reflect that.

6-week remote programme: £40
I will discuss your goals with you and design an exercise programme for you to complete alone over a 6-week period.

10-week running programme: £40
If you are interested in running, I offer programmes that will build endurance and speed for beginners or regular runners. Based on your current fitness and training schedule, I will send a remote programme for you to complete.

Goal-setting and change strategies: £20
A lot of people know what they have to do but struggle to get into a routine and stick to it. I will help you set goals that truly reflect your values, and provide an evidence-based process through which you can work towards them effectively, helping you to tackle common obstacles that may hinder your progress.

Nutritional advice: £20
I will discuss your current dietary habits with you and advise you on how you can improve them to optimise your progress and performance. I will also help with meal/snack ideas and provide suggestions on how to make eating healthy as easy as possible. However please note: I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, therefore I cannot treat medical conditions with my advice.

If you would like to know more, please use the contact form on my home page or e-mail me at I offer an initial consultation free of charge.