My role is to help people to optimise the psychological elements of their chosen pursuit, enabling them to perform at their very best and maximise wellbeing. These psychological elements include attention, emotions, thought patterns, psychophysiology, motives, and goals. Each of these elements influences the way we see the world, our decisions, and our actions, all of which ultimately drive performance.

Some common areas of work are as follows:

  • Optimising focus and concentration
  • Maximising enjoyment and finding personal meaning
  • Managing emotions around performance and adversities
  • Enhancing motivation
  • Recovering from injuries and setbacks
  • Creating long-lasting behaviour change
  • Cultivating optimal self-relationships
  • Building resilience
  • Psychological performance skills
  • Managing transitions in and retirement from sport
  • Life skills for optimising wellbeing
  • Developing self-awareness

I offer individual consultancy, team consultancy and workshops. If you would like more information, please e-mail me at

Individual support

How i work

Each psychologist has their own individual approach to what they do. This is based not only on their knowledge and training, but also their values and personal worldviews. My practice is driven first and foremost by my respect for people’s autonomy, and a care for their wellbeing. My primary aim is to empower people to take ownership over their journeys, and to develop the skills to do so in a way that maximises their wellbeing and performance.

It follows that my approach to consultancy is person-centred. This means that the work I do is directed by each person’s own unique goals and insights. I do not prescribe off-the-shelf techniques and strategies; I collaborate with each person to create bespoke plans, using a combination of their self-knowledge and my scientific expertise.

My work is also influenced by existential ideas. As humans, I think we thrive best when we take responsibility for our own journeys and develop our capacity to face challenges. I use these principles to help people recognise and build on their own strengths, developing skills that foster long-term resilience. Such skills and self-understanding enable people to face future challenges in life with personal fortitude. In addition, I see it as important for us to pursue the things that reflect our own authentic desires and personal meaning. So in a nutshell, my work is about helping people to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

I draw from a range of therapeutic approaches in which I have been professionally trained and supervised, including Compassion-Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychological Skills Training, and humanistic counselling. As a university lecturer, I am also always up to date with the latest research and well-equipped to interpret and apply this research in my practice.

COSTS & What to expect

I engage people in conversations to facilitate understanding, and to develop strategies that work for them personally. I offer an initial conversation to all clients free of charge, lasting up to 30 minutes. The purpose of this conversation is for me to understand the nature of the client’s situation to ascertain whether I can help, and for the client to get to know me and decide if they would like to work with me. I will ask the client to tell me about the experiences they would like support with, and I will also ask various questions around these experiences.

Following the initial conversation, subsequent sessions are £80 per hour for the next 5 sessions, after which the sessions are £60 each. However should support of a variable nature be required around competition, or over a long time period, I will negotiate costs with the client according to the work involved. Subsequent sessions will involve a mixture of conversation and strategy development, depending on the client’s needs.

The cost per session reflects not only the time spent with the client, but time spent outside of sessions reflecting and preparing. It also corresponds to my training and experience levels as described above.

I have a limited capacity to offer a concessionary rate for individuals who are on low incomes. Please get in touch to discuss this with me if this applies to you.

workshops for teams & groups

I also offer talks and workshops for teams and groups, in addition to educational events. In order to organise the event, I will speak to the client in advance in order to understand what they would like from the event, which I then tailor to their needs. Group and educational workshops may cover aspects of team performance or individual performance (as above). Some examples of areas of my work specifically with teams are as follows:

  • Creating an optimal team culture
  • Team resilience
  • Team cohesion
  • Team and individual goal-setting
  • Communication skills
  • Team motivation
  • Team confidence

Costs for workshops are negotiated depending on the nature of the work. Please contact me for further details.